We both looked like slobs compared to these two women!

momLast week my Momma Jane were in a clothing store. Just to give you some background…My husband and I, along with our three year old daughter Luna and my Momma Jane had just dropped our ten year old daughter Lily off at a birthday party. Instead of driving all the way back home just to turn around in an hour, we decided to kill some time. My husband had a gift card for a cooking store (he loves to cook) that my mom had given him for his birthday back in March and he wanted to use it. So while he went to the cooking store…Momma Jane, Luna and I decided to walk into a women’s clothing boutique because I mentioned I wanted to look for something to wear for an upcoming event. I really do not shop. Meaning…I no longer go into stores and “shop.” I usually hop on to Old Navy, The Gap or wherever and get something online and fingers crossed, hope that it fits. This was the first time in a LONG time I shopped. In public.

Mom was feeling well enough to come with us but once inside the store, she took a seat in the back where they had a few chairs and rested. Sidenote…ANY clothing store that does this gets an A+ in my book because it’s perfect for grandparents as well as their grandchildren. Bonus…they had some toys for the kids too. BRILLIANT! But I digress…

I found a few things and went to do the obligatory try on which as most ALL women knows is usually not the fun part of shopping. I found a dress that seemed to look ok and came out to show my mom. Sitting next to my mom and my three year old was a mom and her older teenaged daughter. Possibly even in her 20’s. I noticed them because they looked stunning. As in, they looked like perfectly dressed mannequins sitting on a bench. No, really. Just lovely. I went about my business of trying on clothes and ten minutes later we were out of the store. While we were walking out, my mom asked me if I had seen them and of course I said, yes, how could you not, they looked so put together. My mom mentioned how how she felt she looked like a slob or a ragamuffin I think is the word she used, lol, compared to them.

To be fair, my mom and I WERE wearing shorts and a t-shirt without make-up and probably DID look like slobs! ha! But this is what we are most comfortable in and we usually aren’t dressing up to go out shopping anyway, probably cus we don’t go out shopping! I told my mom that they could have just come from a lunch, church, party or maybe they just really dressed like that all of the time.mom2 We have no idea but that’s them and this is us. I’ve learned this about my mom though…her self-confidence is not what you would say…high! Rather the complete opposite which I don’t understand because I think my mom is GORGEOUS! I mean, have you ever seen our Christmas card pictures? She makes a Stormtrooper look goooood! She is the one who always gets the attention from those cards for looking all hottie-tottie and I love it! I just wish she saw what I saw and what everyone else sees. A woman who is not only beautiful but strong and oh let’s not forget…a four-time Cancer SURVIVOR. I think despite all of her crazy last six months of bad health, that woman STILL has it going on. In fact, every single time she goes to a Doctor appt, they are always shocked at how old she actually is compared to how she looks. Not that I am saying, you are old Momma. 😉

Here’s the thing. We all do it though. We ALL compare ourselves to others. It’s called The Comparison Trap and we have to remind ourselves to not fall into it. My mom does it, I do it, you do it. I know I was guilty of doing it after I moved to my neighborhood a few years ago where alot of my women neighbors seem to look like they stepped out of a print ad for Anthropologie or insert trendy store name here. But that’s them. It’s not me. I dress in crazy comfy non-fancy clothes. Most of the time, it’s that “I just worked out but I really didn’t” look which now has a name apparently…athleisure wear! Oh and I really don’t work out so there is that. I also work from home so I am not rockin’ cute outfits anymore with fun summer wedge heels like I did when I had a full-time radio job. IN an office building. Our family has just kinda been a little crazy the last six months too so I am not running around all the time on date nights, girls night outs and what not. Life has just been a little hectic and my clothes probably reflect that. Totally cool with me.

SELFAlot of my friends have cute styles. Preppy. Trendy. Boho. Whatever. And I love them for it. I prefer to call mine…Lazy comfortable. lol  But that’s just me and the place I’m in right now. I don’t have the time, I don’t have the energy and I don’t have the money. That’s the truth. So by all means cutely dressed stylish ladies out there, friends, neighbors…you do you and I will love you and support you for it. Because we should ALL be supporting each other anyway. Duh! In the meantime, I’m just gonna be over here doing me and if I decide to find a style some day and need some inspiration…I definitely know where to look! There are beautiful women all around me!

XO Surviving Mommy


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