Welcome to my new blog about something I like to call Surviving Mommy!

MARRIEDThanks for checking out my new blog! I am happily married, have two little girls…seven and eight months and in my spare time, I blog. Why? Well, I blog because it makes me happy. I realize there are TONS of Mommy blogs out there so I appreciate you checking out mine.

This blog is about my own experiences in Mommy land, products that make me geek out, attempts at recipes and even some crafts, going on traveling adventures with the kiddies and all sorts of other fun things along the way. Oh and I am also going to have my Mommy friends blog about the things they know best. I welcome your feedback so please feel free to contact me! I also social media like a crazy girl, so please feel free to follow Surviving Mommy there too by clicking the links at the top.

If you wanna learn a little more about me, check out the ABOUT ME section above and thanks for taking the Surviving Mommy journey with me!