What age did you have the talk?

2015-08-10 07.28.50Bahhhhhhhhh! I need your help! I would like to speak to those of you parents who have already had “the talk” with your kids.

So my oldest daughter Lily just turned ten. As in not even a month ago. Last night she came to me and asked, “Mommy, what is “the talk?” After I picked myself up from the ground weeping in the fetal position (ok, not literally, just mentally pictured me doing that), I first asked her where she had heard about “the talk.” She said some boys in the neighborhood mentioned to her and some of her girl-friends that THEY had had the talk with their parents and were wondering if the girls had too. THANK GOD ABOVE that the boys were at least kind enough NOT to tell these girls what “the talk” was about. I realize I am going to sound SO naive when I say this, but man…I was REALLY hoping those things weren’t gonna be in her head until she was like 30. HA. Well, not really Lily and Mommy but I at least thought I had another year or possibly two. And you parents know why, it’s because you picture them as your little babies (as she was in this picture) and you don’t want them growing up so quickly! 🙁

Thankfully, Lily and I have a really great relationship so far. She asks me about bad words if she hears them. She tells me about situations if they happen at school or outside of school. She always asks me questions. I mean, constantly.

I have a couple of thoughts on how I am going to handle this conversation but I would really love to hear your advice on your experience with those conversations. So here we go…how old was your kid and how did you handle “the talk?”

Thanks guys!

XO Surviving Mommy

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