What I learned on the school bus yesterday!

IMG_2376The last time I was on a school bus I was…well, let’s just say it was a LONG time ago! ha ha. My ten year old daughter has wanted me to go on one of her field trips forever but working on a very early morning radio show made that a bit challenging. Or if you have a job at all, it’s challenging. So when a field trip to Stone Mountain came up on the schedule, I thought, “YES, I am totally free to do this now, yay!” I didn’t tell her I was chaperoning because I wanted it to be a surprise but she busted my school logo shirt that I was hiding underneath a big hoodie the morning of the field trip. I even opted to ride on the bus with the kids because I wanted the whole Mommy chaperone experience! So what did I learn?

I learned that kids are still the same way on a bus that they were when I was a kid. Loud. I mean singing and talking all at the same time kind of loud and I loved it! I felt like I was a kid watching them and then it hit me. I am the mom now. I AM THE MOM. I don’t know about you sometimes I don’t feel like I am a “mom” aka a “grown up.” Sometimes I forget that I am in fact, a total adult taking care of a husband and children. A family. How did that even happen?! lol When did that happen?! But boy did I love watching these kids. They sang Christian songs (it’s a Christian school), they sang, “Watch me Whip”, they laughed, they giggled, they played games and they shared stories with each other. Guess what I also learned? You CAN have fun without electronics. Who knew?! 😉

We had such a great day! I got to watch my daughter around her friends and her teachers and watch her be in her element. We got quality time together and we learned alot TOGETHER from the Native American Exhibit at Stone Mountain. I got to see my mom crush friend Stacy (she looks like Claire from House of Cards). Bonded with some great moms and one mom in particular over Disney for at least a half hour and found out we have the exact same name…Cynthia Ann. I think my ears are still ringing from how loud that bus ride was, lol but I wouldn’t change it for the world.

What a great memory we both have now!

XO Surviving Mommy


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