What time do you eat dinner?


When I hosted a morning show, I got up at 4am so our eating hours were always off. I wanted to eat lunch at 10am and eat dinner by 5 or 6 and be in bed no later than nine. When I hosted an afternoon show though, I wasn’t done with work until 7pm so I would eat dinner around 730 or 8pm. I also did not have kids at that time. Generally speaking I prefer to eat dinner on the earlier side. Sometimes if we go up the street to our favorite Mexican restaurant Lucy’s, we will even leave our house around 5ish so we can eat at 530. Seriously. Like my grandparents! I am finding though that we may be in the minority on this eating dinner earlier thing.

This past Saturday night one of my best friends had a birthday dinner for her boyfriend and the invite said dinner was at 730pm. I thought 730pm???? Who eats at 730? haha So we got their early and ordered an appetizer. This week, a girlfriend of mine is having a birthday dinner and her dinner is at 8pm! 8pm??? By 8pm, I am already thinking pj’s and snuggled on the couch. Maybe this just makes me old. But wait, my friends who are having these “late” dinners are around my age too so maybe it’s not an old thing but a me thing. lol  Also, isn’t there some rule out there that says, you shouldn’t eat anything after 8pm? lol

So for us, weeknights we do dinner at 6 or 630 but usually never later than that. The kids only do one snack in the afternoon around 4pm so by that 6pm hour, they are ready to eat. And who am I fooling? The same goes for weekends, we usually eat in that 6pm hour.  There are benefits though for eating out early…no crowds, if your kid is in a mood it’s not as annoying since not alot of people are around you, no traffic.

Hmmm…maybe it just our family?! What time do you all eat dinner?

XO Surviving Mommy

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