What was YOUR first record album?

albums2I would say it ages me by asking you what was your first record album, however, I know with the cool hipster kids…vinyl is a thing now so…ok, wait, I really just aged myself by saying “cool, hipster kids.” huh?! lol Anyway, a neighbor of mine recently borrowed my record player to listen to a podcast that was pressed to vinyl so to me, that must mean…records are still cool. It reminded me how my love for records started at an early age, let me take you back…

When I was a wee little lass, I had a pretty bad lisp. Think Cindy Brady. (Odd, how I ended up working on the radio for many years, but I digress.) So my parents got me a speech tutor to help me with that little extra “s” situation I was having. As a reward, my speech tutor told me he would buy me any record album that I wanted. Apparently, I must have had a thing for Barry Manilow because he got me the Copacabana album. lol Disappointingly though, I can’t seem to find that album anywhere even though I kept most of my albums since I was a kid. Grrrrr.

AlbumsWhen I started at my first radio station KIIS-FM in Los Angeles where I grew up, we had musical artists come through the radio station all of the time and if there were any whose album I owned, I brought that album into work like a big ol’ record geek and had them sign it. I didn’t care, there was no shame in my album autograph game. I have stuff signed by Duran Duran, The Monkees and even my second album ever…Escape by Journey! Steve Perry himself signed it! 

But with technology ever changing, into the closet went all my records for many many years. Sigh. UNTIL, a few years ago when my awesome Hubster bought me a hot pink record player and set it up in the living room closet so I can play my records whenever I want to and it is the greatest thing EVERRRR! In fact, the other day…my hubster was at work, the girls were at school and I had the record player CRANKED playing some of favorite albums from when I was a little 80’s girl. Man, I had so many random albums from so many different genres of music. I even forgot how many musical albums I had too! Isn’t it amazing how music can take you back to that moment in time…like it was yesterday?!

What was YOUR first album? Cassette? CD? Or dare I say (eeeek!) your first download??? 😉

XO Surviving Mommy

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