What Would Jesus Do?

WWJDI remember when I saw people wearing those WWJD bracelets years and years ago, I felt a little judgey…like, why do you need to wear a silly bracelet that asks What Would Jesus Do? Shouldn’t you just “know” what He would do? Turns out, it’s actually a great daily reminder. Often, when I find myself in tough situations, that’s what I now say to myself…What would Jesus do?

When I find myself in a toxic situation, I think about what He would do.  When I am about to scream a very bad word to the very bad driver in front of me (lol), I try to pause and think about what He would say. (Mind you, this doesn’t always prevent the word from coming out of my mouth but hey, I am a work in progress.)  When I am irritated about something I have to do that I don’t really want to do, I think…well, would Jesus be all cranky pants about this?  It really seems so silly but it really does just makes sense. So maybe wearing one of those bracelets isn’t so silly after all!

xo SurvivingMommy