Can someone please tell me…when did food shaming become a thing?!

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I was talking to one of my best friends the other day and she was sharing with me how one of her co-workers always has something to say about what she eats. If she talks about where she had dinner last night with her husband, he makes fun of the restaurant and what she “probably” ordered. If she brings food to work, he judges it and makes comments. Say what?! Sadly, this sounded oh too familiar to me. I used to work with someone who did the exact same thing. He constantly commented on my food, what I was eating, how much I was eating, Why I would eat this, why I wouldn’t eat that. 

When did food shaming become a thing?!

The only thing that matters when you’re eating is that it makes YOU happy. That’s it! Noone should be allowed to comment on your choice of food, amount of food, what time you eat your food…nothing! The same goes for what you feed your children too. If you’re the parent, YOU are the only one who gets a say. Thankfully, that’s the space in which I live. I don’t let anyone tell me what I can or cannot eat. I AM AN ADULT. Not that I listened to what my old co-worker said actually. Frankly, I just ignored him or politely told him he may have needed to take on a new hobby! 😉 

Recently I discovered that RaceTrac has pizza by the slice. And you know what? I like pizza. A LOT! So this obviously makes me very happy. And sometimes when I grab my favorite crazy good RaceTrac coffee with vanilla creamer, I might pick up a slice of pizza too. Whatever. Usually, it’s to take home to have for lunch but once? Once, I ate it for breakfast. OH MY GOODNESS, GRACIOUS!!! Why? Because I CAN and well, because it was so good I didn’t feel like waiting to have it for lunch. 

Here’s the thing…RaceTrac brings in the pizza dough, mozzarella cheese, sauce, and toppings. Then their team members bake the pizzas in store and they are pretty big too! Like 16″ big and it’s cut it into six slices. There’s a whole lotta pizza in that slice. It’s ready on-demand, without added costs for the fresh, high-quality add-ons you love. Oh and they also have Buffalo Chicken for a limited time and that is exactly what I chose. Buffalo Chicken pizza because it’s my fave! (PS. They also have cheese, pepperoni, and meat lovers!) 

So guess what being an adult means? You CAN have pizza whenever you want and WITH whatever you want. You wanna eat it for breakfast with your coffee? Whatever. Noooo judgment here! Wanna have it for dinner and have Swirl World for dessert? Knock.Yourself.Out. Wanna eat it in your car, alone with your coffee, listening to Justin Timberlake cranked on the radio? Go for it. Whatever gets you going! I mean, not that I did that or anything. I’m just saying. If youuuu want to, you certainly can.

I like pizza and I believe in living life. So you can do you and I’ma do me. And how about we just stop with the food shaming already! Oh and thank you RaceTrac and your Buffalo Chicken pizza for being there for me and not judging!

Pizza on peeps!

XO Cindy 

(Disclosure: RaceTrac partnered with influencers such as me for its Pizza campaign. As part of this Program, I received compensation for my time. RaceTrac believes that consumers and influencers are free to form their own opinions and share them in their own words. RaceTrac policies align with WOMMA Ethics Code, Federal Trade Commission (FTC) guidelines and social media engagement recommendations.)


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