When did we became “THAT” family?!

family2I am not exactly sure when we became “that” family. Ya know, the one who does matching clothes to Walt Disney World, silly Christmas cards, family Halloween costumes or goofy pictures. but yep, that’s us. Do any of you do this? If not, just comment below and lie so I feel better. Ha Ha! Just kidding, honestly, I really don’t care what people think and that is what I am trying to teach our daughters. Our older daughter Lily has a little more of the shyness in her but I love watching her find her own voice and her own personality. I can see it slowly coming out. Our youngest Luna, on the other hand, is a total spazoid. Hmmm…I wonder where she got THAT from?! hee hee The thing is, I just want them to grow up living their life freely and with pure joy. It goes back to my favorite French saying, La family4Joie De Vivre. The joy of living. You only get one life right?!

Years ago, one of my besties and I had a mild disagreement when I showed her a recent family portrait that we had done. She said while it was “nice”, it wasn’t us. At first it hurt my feelings and we are close enough that I told her that too. lol But then I realized what she really meant. That picture did not show us, our goofy Family1family, as we truly are. I look at that picture now and I kinda laugh. She was sooooo right! We looked like statues in that picture. I mean look at us over there, all posed and stiff. hee hee

Last year I decided to do a family Christmas card for the first time ever. No really, I had NEVER taken a family picture and put it on a card. Ever. Well, when we moved to the country last year and our friends teased us a bit, I decided to have fun with the whole “country” thing. I found us all matching overalls and we took our Christmas card picture out in a field near our house. I told my family…”it’s just this ONE time!” LIES. As soon as I SENT the cards out last year, I had this INSANELY funny (in my opinion) idea for our Christmas card for this year. Yes, ONE WHOLE YEAR AGO. This is how my silly brain works. So next week, we’re taking our 2015 Christmas card picture and I totally think it’s gonna be EPIC! I can’t wait to show you!!!

In the meantime, after our 50’s Zombie family Halloween costumes from last year were also a one-time thing, I found a funny idea for this year’s family3Halloween family costume so we’re dressing up as a family again. I can’t wait to show you all that too. It will probably be our last one with our ten year old though because she said next year she wants to dress up with her friends. Sigh. Boooooo. Why can’t they stay little forever?! 😉 Yes, I know. I am a big fat dork and I am 100% ok with it! The wonderful thing is, so is my family. Man, I seriously love them. Truthfully, I think they secretly love it though and they just don’t want to admit it.

Surely, I can’t be the only one with a big fat dorky family??!!

XO Surviving Mommy

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