When re-gifting goes wrong. #EpicFail

couple1I don’t know about you but when a box shows up at my door, I get REALLY excited. I can’t explain the feeling but even if I ordered toilet paper from Amazon, I like seeing the box show up.  Being a blogger, sometimes I receive products from companies, people. brands, etc to review for my blog. So the other day when a box showed up addressed to me and it was from a company I had never heard of, I didn’t think twice. The company’s name though suggested that meat was inside, so I instantly got excited. I thought…ohhhhh yay, maybe it is bacon or some form of meat1charcuterie (aka the fancy name for meat that goes with cheese that I eat all of the time). So I ripped open the box and it was beef jerky. Yep. BEEF JERKY. Now mind you, I do enjoy beef jerky when snagging a piece from my Hubster on a road trip, but why am I getting a box of it?! Hmmmm.

So I took out all of the packages of beef jerky and there was NO card. It was just a box of beef jerky addressed to me. I figured a brand sent it me to try out and I would get a follow-up email soon explaining more. So I thought…well, COOL, my hubby LOVES beef jerky so I can give this to him and it will totally make his day! So I put the box on his desk in his office and went about my day. When my husband came home from work, I was SO excited for him to see his brand new box of beef jerky! Hooooowever, he came into the room with the box and looked at me, deflated. I said, “what’s wrong honey? It’s beef jerky…your favorite!!!” He said, this was supposed to be FOR YOU! I just stared at him looking confused.

Turns out, he found a meat of the month company and saw that they send out monthly boxes of charcuterie and he wanted to surprise me with a box this month. Unfortunately, what they didn’t tell him is that THIS month’s meat was BEEF JERKY! lol AND to make matters worse, the company emailed HIM the gift card note instead of sending it to me. #EpicCompanyFail

So the company had him RETURN the beef jerky and are now sending out a box of “charcuterie”. My poor husband said, “no good deed goes unpunished!” I told him the thought really meant SO much more to me than the actual gift itself! Either way, he definitely gets lots of husband points for sure! 🙂

XO Surviving Mommy


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