Who wouldn’t love this face…AND this place?!

File Dec 03, 1 54 25 PMI love meeting new people. I like listening to how people speak to each other. How they treat others. I love to learn more about people and what makes them tick. I have been in a ton of jewelry stores before. I worked in radio my whole life and we had some pretty amazing jewelry store clients so it takes a lot to impress me. lol What impresses me is NOT the fancy jewelry either. It’s how people treat you when you are in their place of business. Sort of like how you would be treated when you walk into their home. I recently had the pleasure of going into Worthmore Jewelers. A jewelry store that has been in Atlanta for over 22 years yet somehow, I had not managed to make it in there before today. And wow, am I impressed. Really, really impressed. I took my Momma Jane with me because she is kinnnnnd of obsessed with jewelry. I went to Worthmore Jewelers to meet Harris and Geri Botnick, the owners. What a genuinely neat couple! They wanted toFile Dec 03, 1 54 01 PM tell me more about their store and something fun they were doing this weekend. Which I will get to in a minute because I have to tell you more about this face. It was one of the first faces I met when we walked in. His name is Snorkel. Having recently lost my doggie, I of course was instantly in love. He came right up to me, leaned on me and looked at me and…ermahgah!!! I couldn’t get enough. Ok focus, Cindy…focus. The reason I fell in love with Worthmore Jewelers, besides Snorkel, is because you know sometimes when you go into a nice store and you feel all Pretty Woman-like? You know what I mean, where you have to look a certain way or dress a certain way because everyone around you is soooo fancy! It can be intimidating. Not at Worthmore! EVERY single person we met is approachable. They offer you something to drink, introduce you to their dog and everyone there seems like they a part of this family, not just employees. It’s like you just walked into their home!

Hal RubensteinSo I’ve read In Style magazine for years! I mean yeeeeears. Like I used to rush to the mailbox to get it kind of reader. There was something about the clothes, the jewelry, the make-up etc., that I enjoyed reading about. Maybe because I don’t think of myself as a style guru, I felt like the magazine enabled me to live vicariously through the people on the pages of the magazine as well find inspiration for my own closet. But you know, the Gap and Target version of it. Ha! I’ve heard the name Hal Rubenstein before because he was one of the founding editors of In Style! I remember his answer when he was asked once, “Diamonds or pearls?” and he said, “Always diamonds!” I don’t think of myself as a jewelry person either but I have a few pieces of nice jewelry that I have collected in my adult life. Pieces I cherish but that I would only wear for “specialFile Dec 03, 1 54 37 PM occasions.” When I heard Hal was coming to Atlanta Saturday with one mantra to spread: “wear more fine jewelry– daily,” I loved this! Being a five year Cancer Survivor, I STRONGLY believe in NOT saving the good stuff for “special occasions” anymore!! I constantly say this to my mom, also a Survivor…”wear it because it makes you happy!” Whether it’s a favorite pair of shoes or a beautiful piece of jewelry…wear it now is what I say! Life is too short not to savor every single day and every single moment of life!

Hal Rubenstein, in addition to being all over the Fashion world, a well known food critic AND all over red carpets everywhere, is also the Global Style Director for Gabriel & Co., and he is coming to Worthmore Jewelers Midtown Saturday from 11am-6pm to showcase the latest collections he curated for the brand!!! Gah! My mom and I spent at least thirty minutes ooohing and aaaahing at all of the Gabriel jewelry that Worthmore has…insane! Want in on this awesomeness? Head to Worthmore Jewelers! They have two locations…Decatur and Midtown but Hal will only be at the Midtown location at 500-L3 Amsterdam Avenue File Dec 03, 1 54 14 PMNE Saturday from 11am-6pm.  But wait, need an excuse to go shopping but you need something for your man to do so he doesn’t groan and grumble the whole time? Worthmore is doing their Antique Jewelry Roadshow (yep, kinda just like the TV show) this weekend. So grab great granny’s bracelet to learn more about its history! Plus, I love me some vintage shopping! The Antique Jewelry Roadshow starts Saturday in their Midtown store and continues Sunday in their Decatur store. But why would your man wanna be dragged to this? Ummm, because a little birdie told me they are gonna have the game running ANNNND adult beverages! I mean, hello. You shop, he gets to watch the game (and you too)…I say this is a win/win.

So here is what I learned about Worthmore Jewelers. I have never been THAT impressed with a jewelry store in my life! The people. The selection. The, youFile Dec 03, 1 53 14 PM can get some reasonable priced OR something fancy, but they treat you the same either way place! No Pretty Woman syndrome there! 😉 I guess that is the reason they have been named “Best of Atlanta”, one of “America’s Coolest Stores,” “Best to Do Business With,” and one of the “Top 3 Jewelry Design Stores” in the United States.  Worthmore specializes in unique fine jewelry, including wedding, commitment and engagement rings, watches, and custom work. Wanna meet Snorkel? Harris and Geri? Visit them at WorthmoreJewelers.com or on FacebookInstagram, and Twitter.

File Dec 03, 1 53 30 PMOh and before Momma Jane and I walked out, we were told, “make sure and take a happy thought!” We were like, what? And then we saw this jar. We reached in and took a happy thought. Mine said, “One kind word can change a person’s entire day” and on the other side, “You are worth more.” LOVE that they are allllll about spreading the joy!

XO Surviving Mommy


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