Why do we keep going back to the same place over and over again?


I don’t know if there are many places I would like to visit over and over. Maybe a cupcake shop. Ha! Or maybe Paris, Hawaii or anywhere with a beach really! So when people make the comment, “Oh, you’re going to Disney…again?” I say yep, we sure are! I’ve been a fan of Disney since I was a kid. I have talked about my love for Disney before as it all started growing up with Disneyland in California. It gave me such great memories and we want to give the same thing to our kids. As they say, life experiences make you happier, not things!

After a three year hiatus from Walt Disney World, we took the plunge and bought Annual Passes last Winter. So our agreement was that the year of 2016 was gonna be the year of Disney for our PhotoPass_Visiting_Magic_Kingdom_Park_7552379266family. As in, look out Walt…our family is gonna get our money’s worth! lol We took our first trip using them in December (our family Christmas present) which was our three year old’s first real trip to Disney. We met up with one of our favorite families and had a blast! Now, Spring Break for us is around the corner and we are on our way back home. Again. Coincidentally, THREE of our dearest friends and their families are gonna be there at the same exact time too! Yay! Then, next month I was lucky enough to be invited to a work conference called the Disney Social Media Moms Celebration so our entire family will be going back for Mother’s Day weekend, with Momma Jane of course! Wooohooo! It will be a big group of moms (and dads) who blog and I hear it’s an unforgettable experience. Of course it will be, it’s Disney.

daddyWHY do we keep going back? Because it brings our entire family so much joy! Really! It truly is a magical place. I don’t know if it brings back the happy memories of my childhood or it’s that I love to see it through both my daughters’ eyes now…I just know that I am so happy when I am there. I never knew my husband would be as excited about each of our trips like I am but he SO is. It’s kinda sexy how he loves to be a kid again with our two daughters. My husband and I have even joked that once the kids are off to college, we will totally still want to go for a getaway date weekend! In fact, my mom said that she and my dad used to go to Disneyland after my brother and I moved out of the house. Not surprising because my dad loved it as much as we kids did and my husband is so similar to my dad. I love that about them!

So yes, we are going back to Walt Disney World next weekend and we can’t wait! We can’t wait to see our wonderful friends. We can’t wait to ride the rides and eat the food. We can’t wait to all stay in one room like a big ol’ family sleepover. We can’t wait to create more family memories and live life to it’s fullest.

Where is your favorite place that you like to go or would go, over and over again?

XO Surviving Mommy




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