Why having girlfriends is essential to life!

I love, love, LOVE, the women in my life! Whether it’s my mom, my besties, past and present girlfriends, neighbor…I love them all.

I have girlfriends who I have known for more than 20 years. Three to be exact!

I have girlfriends who also used to be neighbors.

I have girlfriends I worked with at different radio stations in three different cities.

I have girlfriends with whom I am sadly, no longer friends.

I have girlfriends I met because of Breast Cancer.

I have girlfriends I met through this website.

I have girlfriends I met at small groups through my Church.

I have girlfriends because of a job.

I have met new girlfriends who live in Orlando, (where we’re moving.) 

I have girlfriends because of my children.

And you know what? I love them all. Truly. New and old. I love them all because every single one has brought something significant to my life. Whether it is happiness, pain, joy or sadness, I am glad to have known them. To have with them, life experiences. Even the few I have lost contact with either because we just lost touch, because I had to walk away or because they did. Regardless, I am thankful for the time I did have with them and the memories that were created.

A very dear girlfriend once said to me…”Friends come into your life for a reason, a season or a lifetime” and boy, is she right! All of these women past or present, have helped shape who I am today and for that I say, thank you!

XO Cindy 







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