Why I want my ex-husband to be happy!

eben2I’ve written about my ex-husband before or as I like to call him my “previous husband”, “Ex” just sounds so, meh, I dunno, yucky. lol Like last year I wrote about what divorce looks like in our house (you can read it here) and what “our normal” is in our family. My “previous husband” used to live here obviously but left Atlanta many years ago and moved to Los Angeles (my hometown), to pursue his acting career. He also writes scripts. Now while I haven’t seen him technically act in anything yet, I have read a few of his scripts and they are all AH-mazing! Really. Like I hope they get turned into movies because I would totally go see them! He’s pretty talented so I can’t wait to see him act too. He just recently finished extensive acting lessons at this big time hard core acting school in LA and after working on his craft for yeeeeears now, he is finally ready to jump in and just signed with a new manager too. I feel like things are really about to take off for him and I think that is AWESOME!

He and I have had a long running joke that if he makes it big, he’s gonna do three things for me. In fact, about once a year I remind him about this conversation. One thing he offered to do and the other two were my requests. 🙂

  1. He offered to pay for his daughter Lily’s college education. In fact, he said if he made it REALLY big, he would even pay for Luna’s too. Ha! All about that! lol
  2. He promised to introduce me to my Loki, Tom Hiddleston. Duh.
  3. He also said he would give his ex-wife the ol’ shout out at the Academy Awards. Come on…how funny (and cool) would that be, right?! #LittleThingsInLife

So the other day when he texted me to share the good news of getting a new manager, I texted him congrats and theFile Jun 28, 1 48 47 PM reasons I want him to be happy. I think he’s so used to my dorkiness that it doesn’t even phase him anymore! He’s coming to visit next month for Lily’s birthday and we are even going to a film festival together while he is here. We might not be married anymore or haven’t been married for a long time now but I love the fact that we are friends and can laugh through life together! I also love that he and my husband Eric get along so well too! I feel very Blessed!

Oh and “Previous Husband’s” name is actually Eben Reinhardt and there’s what he looks like. So if you see him on TV or in a movie…you know that means I am one step closer to meeting my Loki. 😉

XO Surviving Mommy

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