Why in the world are we dressed like this?

Why in the world are we dressed like this at Walt Disney World? Well, apparently this is a thing, yet I never even knew it was a thing up until the last year or so. It’s called DisneyBounding. What is DisneyBounding? I wondered too! Basically it’s where you get dressed up like a Disney character but instead of wearing an actual costume, you wear an outfit that is inspired by a Disney character. It’s sort of like Cosplay where people get dressed up as their favorite comic book, movie or TV character and then go to different conventions in the outfits. With DisneyBounding, you just wear your outfit to any of the Disney Parks. Some people may notice, some people may not…either way, it’s kinda fun! 

Recently I was invited to the Disney Social Media Mom’s Celebration conference. Part of the conference took place at Walt World Disney World and while we were there, we were also invited to participate in a Disney Springs Social Media Challenge. There were three categories in the contest…Disneybounding, Disney-fied and Disney fashionista. We knew before we arrived what we wanted to do…Disneybounding. My Momma Jane already had a great idea for it too, let’s do a family Disneybounding! I selected Inside Out because there are five characters and well, you know our family…we LOVE to do things together this so we were ready!

We received a Disney Springs gift card to buy fashion or accessories in whatever category you chose to participate. So we ran around the newly renovated Disney Springs and shopped until we dropped! Man, that place is awesome! I love that my Momma Jane was super into being “sadness.” We thought a blue pair of Uggs would be awesome for her outfit so we headed to the Uggs store at Disney Springs. How great does she look?! lol We ate lunch, hit up tons of awesome stores at Disney Springs but I think my favorite part was after we were finished shopping we went to the candy store, Disney’s Candy Cauldron. We bought Disney snacks to match our outfits. Ha! We are such dorks huh? I normally do not really enjoy shopping at all, but this experience…yah, it was SO much fun! 

Every picture makes me laugh. My family is so good about getting dressed up, making faces and taking silly pictures. So what did we win? I didn’t even know what the prize was and I truly didn’t care…I just wanted to win! Kinda like Grace on Will and Grace when she used to play board games. I’m so competitive. And the competition is really only with me. I don’t care what anyone else does, I just want to have fun doing it and be the best that I can be!

So did we win? YES!! Wooohoo! See picture at the bottom of this page and look to the left to see my arms up in the air! lol (Side note…the prize was a cabana for the day on Disney’s private island Castaway Cay. We were heading there on the Disney Wonder for the sea part of the Disney Social Media Mom’s land and sea conference and it was awwwwwesome!) The family was so happy and we now have another super fun memory to tuck away in our family file. 

Would I DisneyBound again? Absolutely! It is fun, easy and our family loved it! Plus, I think we may even save our outfits and make full costumes out of them for Halloween when we go to this year’s Mickey’s Not So Scary Halloween Party at Magic Kingdom at Walt Disney World! 

XO Surviving Mommy 


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