Why Mommy needed a vacation!

vacay pic 2

I realized when I said yes to my Nashville bestie inviting me on a business trip of hers to my old hood of Los Angeles, there was no way I could say no.  Well actually that is not the truth. I could have said no because I love my family and the thought of being away from my husband and our two girls for more than 24 hrs made me sad. I could have said no because financially we probably didn’t need to spend the money on airfare right now but the hotel was going to be free so…duh! I also could have said no because it probably wasn’t a good time for me to take time off from work cus soon I am gonna have alot of time off from work since I will be leaving but I needed this trip. I needed this trip for me. I needed a mental break. The last ten months have kind of stunk. Let me clarify…the last ten months at work have kind of stunk. Not life. Life is good. Family is good. My health is good. (Next year I will be at my five year Breast Cancer Survivor mark-yay)  I just needed a few days away to mentally disconnect from work and have some alone time.

Don’t get me wrong. I am excited to see my old friends here in my old hood. I am here in Los Angeles with my Nashville bestie. I am visiting a few of my California besties. It’s really a few days of friend catch up bonding with my besties but there is also alot of alone time and it’s been great!! Yesterday morning, I got up early and just walked. I walked with no purpose. I walked down a street with no particular direction in mind. I just walked the sunny streets of Los Angeles and it was perfect. I prayed alot too. With Thanksgiving around the corner, I have really been thanking God for so many wonderful things in my life. Family, great friends, health and even my job that I no longer am in love with, I am even thankful for that too. I just feel grateful for life, period. So while I have been here, I walked, had coffee, sat in my hotel room and even had donuts and a glass of Prosecco for dinner. Why? Because I am on vacation and I can.  This isn’t reality. This is a break from reality and it’s been awesome.
As I type this, I am getting ready to go back outside and walk the sunny streets of Los Angeles again. Alone. It’s my last full day here on my mini Mommy by herself vacation. Today though, I am going to walk down a different street because sometimes, you just have to switch it up.  And that is sort of just like life, right?! Sometimes, you have to stop walking down the same street and try a new one. And that is okay.
xo Surviving Mommy