Why my 9 year old’s teacher made me cry today!

If you are anything like me, when you go into your kid’s school for the quarterly parent/teacher conference, you are met with a little bit of anxiety. Or maybe that’s just me! And depending on how well you THINK your kid is doing in school probably equals the amount of anxiety you have. lol

Today when we sat down for our quarterly parent/teacher meeting about my nine year old daughter Lily. Her teacher handed me a note and said, “I would like to share this with you.” The note said:

Dear Mrs. Stephenson,

You’re the most awesome teacher ever! Thank you for everything you are teaching me. Out of all of the teachers ever, you’re the best! I love you.

Love, Lily

Mrs. Stephenson looked at me and continued, “your daughter gave me this note for no reason today and it reminded me of why I have been doing this job for 21 years.” She went on to tell me that she LOVES her job more than anything and to receive a note like this from a student is like a little gift from God telling you, “you are doing a good job!” As she is telling me this, she has tears in her eyes, which of course makes me have tears in my eyes and then we are there both having this moment and my husband Eric is sitting there, I knoooow, thinking, WHAT IN THE WORLD IS HAPPENING RIGHT NOW??!! lol  In all seriousness, I could tell how proud he was too and I didn’t need his tears to see that!

Mrs Stephenson not only made me cry today but she made me happy! Teachers work so hard and they never get enough recognition in my opinion. Lily has been fortunate enough to have AH-mazing teachers throughout the years and this year is no different. I am super grateful that a few words from my kid made a difference in Mrs. Stephenson’s life and I am so happy that Mrs. Stephenson has made such a difference in my kid.

What a beautiful reminder that sometimes it just takes a few words to impact someone’s life!

XO Surviving Mommy