Oh this IS happening.


I love nothing more than doing things with my family. Since breaking my foot last week though, we’ve had to re-evaluate our family’s social calendar to see if there is anything on there that I can’t do now because of said broken foot. Since I’m known to them as Mommy the Social Cruise Director of the family, the schedule is really on me and you know what I say to cancelling any of our family’s plans because of my broken foot? Ummmm N to the O, NO! That goes against everything I believe in…finding the joy in surviving life. La Joie De Vivre. Because in addition to breaking my foot, my three year old somehow got cellulitis on her finger (infected finger) and then fell on the cement soooo let me tell you…after this rotten and awful week, I need some serious joy…so bring.it.onnnn!

SHREK - Atlanta Lyric PosterFriday, we’re going to see Atlanta Lyric Theater’s Shrek The Musical. Last month we saw Joseph And The Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat which is my absolute favorite! I’m excited to see Shrek because some of my favorite actors from our neighborhood Serenbe Playhouse are in the show. Shrek The Musical runs through September 4th and we were invited to see it tomorrow night! Before Shrek The Musical, we’re having dinner over our friends Taylor and Glenn’s house. They were so sweet to invite us over before the show so we wouldn’t have to worry about dinner. I can’t wait!

Saturday will be a day of rest because Friday will wear me out for sure. I never knew how exhausting crutches would be or a knee scooter. Or hopping around on one foot. Or the pain. Or the nausea. But I digress. lol Goodness gracious. We are NOT giving up ANY plans because of my stupid foot. I say stupid because boy has it made me crabby. More like sad mad. If you ever saw the movie Home, you get that. lol It’s been so frustrating and it’s only been a week. I have to have things to look forward to and doing fun things like spending time with sweet friends who will cook you and your entire family dinner, well that’s an offer you can’t refuse! Add in a good musical…cus I do love me a good musical…it will be a great Friday night!

After a day of rest on Saturday, Sunday will be another fun day. We’re going to our very first Atlanta Braves game as a family!! I’ve been a few times without the kids but the last time we went with our kids, it was more like A kid…because we had just one. So Sunday, because I’m a Braves Blogger, we’re going for the Atlanta Braves Kids Club day! Woot! Woot!

What is this you ask? Well it’s Braves baseball kids AWESOMENESS! Duh!

Atlanta Braves Kids Club Day activities include a pregame patio party as well as a pregame parade around the field. The pregame party will take place in the Right Field Patio at 11:30 a.m. and will include raffles for autographed items and game day experiences, popsicles, face painting, arts and crafts, inflatables andBraves appearances by Homer and the Home Depot Tools. Kids Club Members receive complimentary access to the games in Scouts Alley for the day when they show their Kids Club Passport, and have the opportunity to be a part of Kids Run the Bases presented by Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta (love them!) following the conclusion of the ballgame. You just bring your Kids Club members passports in order to gain access to all activities. If you want to get  more information on Kids Club Day or get your kiddos to become a Kids Club member, visit www.Braves.com/Kids. Hurry you can even get some free tickets before the season ends! I don’t know what I’m gonna eat first because let’s be real…part of the reason I love me some Braves baseball, is the food. I mean, yes I like the game, the energy, but the fooooood. Yes!!!! Where do I start?!

So this weekend, we WILL be seeing Shrek The Musical, we WILL be going to the Braves game ANNNND in two weeks we WILL be at Walt Disney World doing Halloween early and celebrating Momma Jane’s birthday! I may be there on crutches, in a wheelchair, a knee scooter or Tauntaun-TOTSriding a tauntaun (Star Wars reference) but by golly, I will be there!

La Vie Est Belle…Life is beautiful my friends! Happy weekend!!!

XO Surviving Mommy




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