Yep…this is my daughter’s room!! I almost cried. lol

organized pic 2

My Nashville Bestie Chandra and I always joke about how we are kind of like Monica on Friends. Remember how crazy organized she was and a super neat, clean freak?  Yah, that’s us. It almost gives me a high to accomplish one of my organized tasks. Another one of my besties Heather is the same way. Does this make us freaks? lol Well the other day, my nine year old daughter Lily called me into her room because she had a surprise. The surprise? She totally cleaned her room. And by clean, I don’t mean just the put the toys and clothes away…she full on cleaned AND organized her room. She opened all of her drawers and re folded everything NEATLY. She took me in the bathroom she shares with her baby sister Luna and showed me how she organized the cabinets AND drawers. She had a trash bag, a recycle bag, everything!

I had to take a picture because she was SO proud and so was I. I felt like I was on one of those Makeover shows where a tear starts to trickle out of the corner of your eye because you are so shocked and impressed! lol  Little things in life right?! Now, whether this will last into teenage land or adulthood is yet to be determined but I am going to take it while I can get it.

Are you a “Monica?” or do you have a mini “Monica” in your house? Share below!

XO Surviving Mommy


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