You get a coffee, you get a coffee!

(Disclosure: RaceTrac partnered with me to share this yummy information with you. As I always say…opinions are my own and I only have relationships with brands and companies that truly represent my family and me.) 

My husband and I both love coffee. Like, LOOOOOVE it! I mean come on, I do a weekly Facebook Live show called Coffee Convo Wednesday!

Before we moved to Florida, any time we would road trip from Georgia we always stopped at RaceTrac to get gas and coffee. When we’d pull in, my husband would always say to me, “honey, do you wanna run inside and get your “special” coffee?” Special because he likes his pretty plain and I love mine with some vanilla. So I would always go into RaceTrac to get my “special” vanilla kind.

We also know that buying it outside of our home all the time can get pricey, so getting my “special” coffee was always a special treat. So when I found out that RaceTrac was doing $1.00 coffee for the month of January, I literally dropped my daughters off at school this morning and drove straight to our RaceTrac down the street to get my first (of many) $1.00 coffees this month of January. Woot! Woot!

Here’s the scoop: RaceTrac’s “Crazy Good Coffee” bar offers up to six blends of freshly brewed coffee – Columbian, Dark Roast, Decaf (which is what my Momma Jane drinks), Guatemalan, Hazelnut and Regular – all made from 100 percent Arabica beans. And you can basically be like your own barista, choosing your favorite coffee blend and pairing it with your favorite creamers, sweeteners, and add-ins like whipped cream. Awww yahhhh…whipped cream!

And no kidding, from now until January 31, every single cup and combination (any SIZE) is only $1.00! ONE DOLLAR!! Any size. Any blend. Yes, even my “special” vanilla kind! Ha!

Sooooo if you need me, I’ll be at my RaceTrac down the street on West Colonial Drive in Ocoee and my husband will be at the RaceTrac on West Sand Lake Road right down the street from his My Smart Shirt office in Orlando. 

Happpppy New Year to me! Well, to me AND to you too of course because duh, the whole $1.00 coffee thing is not just for me. hee hee I heart you RaceTrac for starting my new year budget out the right way!